Woodblock Prints - Harwood Art Center 2012

The "reduction block" process of wooodblock printing uses only one block for each finished print. The artist first carves away what is to remain white and then prints the lightest color. Then she carves away what is to remain of that lightest color and prints the next lightest, and so on for reach of the colors until only the areas for the darkest color remain on the block. This method is easier to register (or place each successive color exactly in the right place) but only small editions can be printed.

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Japanese-Style Woodblock Printing Without a Press
Mary Sweet

This is a workshop designed to teach woodblock printing by hand with Japanese techniques. We use kento marks for registration, barens and watercolors for ink. No press needed so one can continue at home. Beginners welcome, woodblock experience is OK too. We’ll learn to carve the blocks and then print either black and white or do a reduction block using several colors.

All levels welcome
Sat/Sun April 28 and 29
9 am – 4 pm
Street Studio at 6th and Mountain Rd.
Materials: fee of $30 payable to Mary Sweet the first day of class, list mailed upon registration
Tuition: $150 (Harwood members $135)


Mary teaching to the class, 1st day

Students starting their block prints; carving the blocks

Mary working with Nance McManus on the woodblock print layout

Mary working with Elena Betke-Brunswick and Rachelle Mechenbier on block carving techniques

Students Marion Cook and  Kris Sly-Linton carving their blocks

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