Winter Snow Gilman


Shown in Albuquerque Biennial at the Albuquerque Museum, Sept. 2008.

Artists Statement:

I have been a painter all my life but have only been doing woodblock prints since 1993, when I went to Anderson Ranch, Snowmass CO, to take a workshop with Hiroki Morinoue. I have taken more workshops from him since.

  Most of my woodblocks are done Japanese style with watercolor ink. Most are reduction blocks rather than a block for each color. I think like a painter so this method allows some improvising and many layers of color.

  My main interest has always been landscape and within that landscape I want to convey a strong sense of place. Gilman is a ghost town in a dramatic mountain setting where gold, silver and other minerals were mined. It was shut down in 1984 by the EPA for toxic pollution.


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