30 Views of Mt. Taylor

This exhibit of woodblock prints is homage to the great Japanese woodblock artist Hokusai’s 36 Views of Mt. Fuji. Mt. Fuji and Mt. Taylor are each sacred mountains in their own part of the world. In this series, which ended up being more than 30 views, Mt. Taylor is seen from many angles, in many seasons and weather conditions, and calls on us to pay attention to and respect the land we live on. 

I  began this series in 1999. Driving in often to Albuquerque from Tijeras where I live, I saw Mt. Taylor in the distance, sometimes small and far away and sometimes a clear translucent blue that looked quite near.  I saw it with clouds and snow or sunny and clear. I thought of Hokusai and I also thought of Monet’s Haystacks, which I had seen at the Chicago Art Institute. At first I started small and didn’t take it all too seriously. I thought I would have trouble doing 30 woodblocks of Mt. Taylor, much less 36.  (Hokusai actually did 46 before he stopped and it is possible I might too. I once saw his prints at the LA County Museum.) As I got more into the series, I looked at Mt. Taylor from many other angles including on the mountain itself and from the air. I hiked the Gooseberry Trail to the top several times and we drove up the jeep road to La Mosca Towers on the Mountain. Very ugly! 

Mt. Taylor is sacred to many Native American people but it has been less so to the rest of us, which is sad. As I learned to take it seriously and actually “see” it rather than taking it for granted I hope others might too.

                                  Mt. Taylor Topographic Map  

Mary & her dog Meeko at the summit of Mt. Taylor

On the road to Mt. Taylor

30 Views Displayed at Harwood Art Center

The prints in 30 Views of Mt. Taylor were first displayed in a show at the Harwood Art Center, Albuquerque NM, May 7 - 27, 2010. The Art Center is located in the old Harwood School building on 7th St. 

Images from 30 Views of Mt Taylor

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30 Views of Mt. Taylor, No. 9, From North 14

30 Views of Mt. Taylor, No. 8, June Clouds

30 Views of Mt. Taylor, No. 32, October on the Summit

30 Views of Mt. Taylor, No. 22, The Summit

30 Views of Mt. Taylor, No. 18, On the Mountain, Gooseberry Trail

30 Views of Mt. Taylor, No. 30, Gooseberry Trailhead October

30 Views of Mt. Taylor, No. 33, Wildflowers on the Mountain

30 Views of Mt. Taylor, No. 27, November Snowstorm

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